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Deirdre Walsh – Health care research and technology

Deirdre Walsh is a specialist in health care analytic methodologies. She has over 18 years experience advising not-for-profit health care entities, Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies, managed care organizations, biotech ventures, and government agencies across North America.  Deirdre spent several years advising U.S. health care and health management organizations on ways to maximize the productivity of their interactions with patients. She is well versed in patient compliance technologies, health consumerism, health information technology, and social media marketing in health and related research. Ms. Walsh has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from York University and was among a select group of health care policy leaders to participate in the county’s first certificate in HIT from the University of Victoria, in conjunction with University of Calgary and University Health Network (Toronto).  She is also one of the early participants in the Tufts University School of Medicine’s Institute on Web Strategies for Health Communication.



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