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Earl Robertson – Sales process & training

Earl Robertson has had an extraordinary career of sales performance improvement. He was awarded the Top Sales Person award at Procter & Gamble and tripled sales as division leader at Xerox Learning Systems. Mr. Robertson continued to break sales records in his roles as VP & GM at Zenger Miller (later known as Achieve Global) and as CEO and president of Adia Canada (later know as Adecco) where a 5-year sales decline was reversed in his first year as CEO. As President of L&K International Training, the company grew 300% under his direction with expanded sales into 100 countries globally.  Mr. Robertson is the creator of the Quota® sales training systems and board games. He has served on several public and private Boards and as a Business Advisor to the Concordia University Faculty of Commerce and is a Lead Judge at the annual International MBA case study competition. Earl is a graduate in business from Concordia University.



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