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Chris Kakris – IT security, software, systems

Chris Kakris is an international expert with a prodigious skills matrix in IT security, software and web development. From Cray supercomputers to mobile platforms like the iPhone, Mr. Kakris remains current on a wide range of the latest technologies and languages. Chris spent a decade as an expert with The Australian Defense Signals Directorate, leading security and operational initiatives. After entering the private sector, he established a successful IT services firm which built and maintained web, email and domain-name services on Linux servers and designed, developed, deployed and supported multi-tiered, distributed frameworks on Redhat workstations and servers to run automation systems. The business thrived for ten years and was acquired by a strategic buyer. Now Mr. Kakris advises clients on ways to improve IT productivity and implementation. Chris holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Melbourne.



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