"Sales Crisis Intervention is bold and much needed in the industry"
– Dr. Alan C. Middleton, Executive Director, Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC), Schulich School of Business, York University, Co- Author of "Ikonica, a Field guide to Canada's Brandscape"



A last-resort solution to serious sales declines

A sales crisis is more than a "rough patch"
Your sales have been in decline for umpteen quarters. You have tweaked sales incentives, begged and threatened. You have hired the consultants, held the off-site meetings, benchmarked best practices and "re-aligned" sales compensation. You have changed VP's of Sales – perhaps more than once. The recession is over. Sales are still in decline.

When all else fails
All companies have sales ups and downs but a true sales crisis exists when the future of a company is threatened by severe, protracted sales declines in spite of repeated internal attempts to reverse the downward trends. If company ownership has determined that conventional measures are insufficient and that a comprehensive restructuring of the organization's sales capabilities is required, a Sales Crisis InterventionSM may offer the fastest and most complete solution.

This is not sales consulting it is sales restructuring
CustomerLAB has been helping companies across North America resolve urgent situations and implement rapid change since 1994. To be clear, Sales Crisis InterventionSM (SCISM) is not a passive advisory service; it is the restructuring and turnaround of a company's sales model, leadership, organization and processes. The result is a new, fully operational sales organization that produces sustained sales growth.

We are not consultants
Dubbed by a client some years ago as "a league of extraordinary professionals", each CustomerLAB Sales Crisis InterventionSM team is comprised of a small group of the industry's most senior sales executives chosen for experience directly relevant to each client's circumstances. We have led sales at companies like Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo and turned around sales for dozens of organizations. From CPG to food service, toys, fashion, home furnishings, hardware, sporting goods, HBA, Rx/OTC, services and several B2B sectors, we have turned around in-house, out-sourced, franchised and network sales organizations.

We bring our own specialized tools
CustomerLAB blends over a century of sales experience with state-of-the-art analytical tools and a battle-tested methodology for rapid analysis and deployment called Sprint2MarketSM. Created in the 1990's to launch new businesses, then refined as a turnaround process through the booms and busts of the past decade, Sprint2MarketSM enhances collaboration between company executives and the CustomerLAB intervention team. We use it to prepare a thorough appraisal of available sales restructuring options and work decisively with the executive team to implement the solution.

You pay when you see sales growth
We work quickly and discreetly, however to ensure our interests are aligned completely, compensation is based on sustained sales growth for 8 quarters following the restructuring.

Find out if your situation qualifies
A confidential, no-charge diligence process determines whether your company's situation is appropriate for a CustomerLAB Sales Crisis InterventionSM and gives both sides a chance to be sure there is good working chemistry.
Call CustomerLAB CEO Jim Danahy to find out how it works 905.278.3824.

SMSales Crisis Intervention and Sprint2Market are service marks and Copyright of CustomerLAB



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